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Enix Myrtemer is a legendary blacksmith and renowned warrior known as the Celestial Smith. He has created numerous energy artifacts and is known to be able to create artifacts and weapons of extreme power. Even though he died with the fall of the tynar, his name lives on in books of the scholar and some of his works can still be found today.


Enix is an old tynar who had lived for centuries. He is bald with multiple scars on his head and a long grey beard that is segmented and twisted with long conical clasps on the end. His build is small but muscular and he wears a pale dull blue shirt with dark brown leather abdomen armor and leggings.




Legendary Blacksmith

Enix is a renowned blacksmith who has created some of the greatest artifacts of all time. He was able to harness Celestial Water, a more potent form of what the Viridians call Starlight that could be easily worked into energy artifacts and weapons. One of his most notable artifacts created is called the Hero's Promise and helped defeat Miros after he optained the art of Creation of all Things.

Potential Enhancer

Enix was able to use his potential affinity as an enhancement art. This allowed him to draw on natural energies from the world and use them to aid him, making him the first known faran. While extremely useful in battle, Enix used this ability to imbue the artifacts and weapons he created with natural energy, making them stronger and helping him earn his legendary title.