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Entarai is a country in the south of Glistan. The country is ruled by Anyaala Mnetopa.


Entarai is a country lying on Glistan's southern coast, bordered by Mangori to the west, Lejira to the north, and Mbori to the east. The eastern half of the country is almost completely covered in dense jungles, with various large clearings, called Sii, dotting the country. It is not yet understood why the Sii exist, but according to local folklore they were created by the gods. Some of the Sii are quite small, no more than a mile wide, while others are massive enough to contain cities. The dramatic landscape is quite dangerous for those that are lost, the dense vegetation conceals deep cliffs and elevation changes that are easy to fall into and die. The western half of the country is composed of large tropical grasslands with scattered forests. Many earth minerals are mined in these large, flat landscapes.

Ankala Rift and Monument Bridge[]

The Ankala Rift is a large canyon that runs north-south along the entirety of the border of Entarai and Mangori, ending at the Jimbwe falls where it meets the ocean. This rift is impassible due to the extreme elevation changes from the top of the canyon to the canyon floor. The Monument Bridge is one of the only ways to cross over the canyon, and is considered a great feat of modern engineering. The wide bridge stretches over the Minara pass, the thinnest point of the canyon, and serves as one of the few ways to pass between the two countries on land. The bridge is decorated with various monuments that commemorate the unique history of the Minara pass, as it has been used as a crossing point between the two countries since ancient times.


Sii Kiamara[]

Sii Kiamara is the capital of Entarai; The city is located in the northeast of the country in the largest Sii and is made up of large buildings and man-made reservoirs.

Sii Shifuye[]

Sii Shifuye is a city that lies in a large Sii in the southeast of the country and is well known for the Ivoria, a top arts academy for aspiring practitioners. The academy is extremely prestigious and internationally recognized, making it quite difficult to get accepted. The academy actually lies on a large lake adjacent to the Sii, named Lake Loa. The academy sits on a large island in the middle of the lake, surrounded by smaller rocky outcroppings. It is said that the first test for admittance into the academy is to get to the front gate.


Biruma is a rather large, more modern city lying on Entarai's western border. The city lies on either side of a large river that runs southwest into Mbori.




Education in Entarai is split into three separate entities: primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Primary education is required by law and teaches students general education in what would be considered elementary through high school. Secondary education could be likened to college, and tertiary education includes institutions such as arts academies and medical or law school.


Ivoria is the top arts academy in Entarai. The extremely prestigious academy is internationally recognized and many people from different countries apply to the academy every year. The academy accepts students that have completed secondary education and is a 3 year program.

Reign of the Immortal Queen[]

Anyaala has been the Queen of Entarai for 100 years, and has brought the country into an era of prosperity and progress. However, many entari would claim that her lengthy reign has made her an apathetic and disconnected ruler. In truth, Anyaala has gradually removed herself from the political atmosphere of the country, employing ministers to oversee specific aspects of the countries affairs. While she maintains absolute rule, Anyaala is often busy with other tasks and the ministers essentially run the country, some say she will even discreetly leave the country for months at a time. The minister system has largely been effective in providing for the citizens of the country, however some ministers are corrupt and use their positions to fulfill their own agendas and pardon illicit activity. These ministers conduct illegal operations under the radar to exploit the system for wealth and power. Below is a list of the known ministries of Entarai as well as their respective minister.

Minisrtry of Citizens - Minister Loaloa Winnenloga: This ministry handles immigration, emigration, and social welfare. Minister Winnenloga uses his position to smuggle in weapons bought from Bellaxandor Mink for use in Brummadsaya Medri's plans of anarchy. While he is known to have the dark affinity, Minister Winnenloga is thought to be non-combative; it is largely unknown that he is actually a reaper.

Ministry of Domestic Security - Minister Ibrahil Musageri: This ministry handles the any issues dealing with homeland security including domestic terrorism and counter-intelligence, as well as the governmental overhead for the local police forces around the country. Minister Musageri has used his position to pardon members of the gang working for him, allowing them to rise in the dark world and gain more wealth and power.

Tribal Law[]

Entarai has a unique form of governmental exceptions that all fall under the umbrella of tribal law. Tribal law is enacted in order to pardon offenses that would be illegal under modern laws, but are in line with the traditional law system that existed between all the neighboring tribes of entarai in the past. These laws often absolve people of being charged with lesser crimes such as petty theft of food and water or issues of public fighting. However, tribal law can and has absolved citizens of much more serious crimes such as murder. In order for tribal law to be enacted, it must be proven that the crime was committed with an intent that was allowable under traditional laws. Examples would be theft of food for the deathly sick, or even murders being justified by blood disputes.

Body Shops[]

Body modification in entarai grew in popularity after the advent of arts, when increased knowledge of energy manipulation made body modifications easier to develop, and the people of this country have been developing body modification techniques for centuries. body modification is so pervasive in the country that close to 80% of the population has a body modification. While many of the people that compose this 80% have purely cosmetic body modifications, many of the best body modification practitioners in the world are in entarai. Many of these procedures are done at body shops, body shops are located all over Entarai and are places where trained professionals typically referred to as modders provide body modification services to paying customers. Many body shops generalize, hiring multiple modders with varying backgrounds in body modification, but some shops specialize in one specific area, such as being just cosmetic or just metallic modifications (although special licenses are needed in order to provide services for combative body mods).