Entarai is a country in the south of Glistan. The country is ruled by Anyaala Mnetopa.

Geography Edit

The eastern half of the country is almost completely covered in dense jungles, with various large clearings, called Sii, dotting the country. It is not yet understood why the Sii exist, but they are said to have been created by the gods. Some of the Sii are quite small while others are massive; some of the larger Sii actually contain cities. The dramatic landscape is quite dangerous for those that are lost, the dense vegetation conceals deep cliffs and elevation changes that are easy to fall into and die. The western half of the country is composed of large tropical grasslands with scattered forests. Many earth minerals are mined in these large, flat landscapes.

Monument Road Edit

The Monument Road is a wide road that is decorated with various monuments running down the middle. The road is large enough for armies to march down and leads directly from the northern border of the Entarai to the capital Sii Kiamara. The road was erected to enhance Entarai's international relations and create an easy avenue for trade, as it is notoriously difficult to navigate the eastern half of the country.

Cities Edit

Sii Kiamara Edit

Sii Kiamara is the capital of Entarai; The city is located in the northeast of the country in the largest Sii and is made up of large buildings and man-made reservoirs.

Sii Shifuye Edit

Sii Shifuye is a city that lies in a large Sii in the southeast of the country and is well known for the Ivoria, a top arts academy for aspiring practitioners. The academy is extremely prestigious and internationally recognized, making it quite difficult to get accepted. The academy actually lies on a large lake adjacent to the Sii, named Lake Loa. The academy sits on a large island in the middle of the lake, surrounded by smaller rocky outcroppings. It is said that the first test for admittance into the academy is to get to the front gate.

Biruma Edit

Biruma is a rather large, more modern city lying on Entarai's western border. The city lies on either side of a large river that runs southwest into Mbori.

History Edit

Culture Edit

Ivoria Edit

Ivoria is the top arts academy in Entarai. The extremely prestigious academy is internationally recognized and many people from different countries apply to the academy every year. The academy accepts students at the age of 15 and is a 7 year program.

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