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Faran are powerful, ancient beings who's level of energy manipulation is above even that of the legendary tynar race. These beings are able to manipulate environmental energy to its fullest extent, allowing them to manipulate and gain power from the land around them. These beings also have a vast knowledge of the world and its interconnections, and are willing to teach their ideologies as well as how to manipulate environmental energy to a chosen few who have gained their interest. Those who train under these beings also refer to themselves as faran, out of reverence to their masters.

To gain the interest of a Faran, aside from special circumstances, one usually has to connect themselves to the land and gain an understanding of the environment around them as well as have a strong sense of purpose and determination. The Faran are deeply connected to this plane and have innate and intense concern for its protection and preservation, and are drawn to those who emulate certain aspects of these ideals. Minic Anderosa has developed ways to connect to the land through meditation and special training, allowing for him to train potential faran candidates.

The Faran have the powerful ability to manipulate the natural energies present within the world, being able to shape the landscape to their will. This ability is not able to be fully obtained by any other race, but manifests in a lesser form when awakened by a Faran. Before teaching you, the Faran must look into you to figure out what kind of environment you are attuned with, as this will be the easiest natural energy for you to learn to manipulate. Your environmental attunement is typically in line with your affinities, as they are the elements of energy you naturally understand the best. While this allows mortal races to be trained as a faran, it is still exceedingly difficult to learn to manipulate natural energies and very few are able to accomplish it. Even fewer are able to manipulate parts of their attuned environment that doesn't coincide to any of their affinities, as it is much more difficult for you to truly understand the aspect of that environment and is considered a nearly impossible feat.

Faran didn't always train other people, but Enix Myrtemer, the first to be trained by a Faran, convinced them and now they do.


Those in the faran order are taught to harness the ambient energy present in natural environments. They can only utilize the energy of specific environments, using it as an external energy source for powerful attacks. In many cases, faran can also utilize the very environment itself in their techniques, as opposed to generating the material themselves like normal practitioners.


Faran are able to undergo a convergence, which allows them to connect their souls with the land itself. This techniques is a transcendent art, in the same class as possessions, where the user temporarily gains access to the latent energy present in the environment. Some physical change usually occurs during the convergence, most commonly a change occurs in the eyes or a pattern appears on the skin.


Below is a list of known faran, the ancient beasts that are able to teach those how to harness the latent energy of the environments around them. Each faran is unique in their teaching as well as values and ideals, meaning that you can have a completely different learning experience for different faran. Faran can reveal themselves to individuals as they please, but typically one has to be trained how to "call" a faran and hope that one answers. There are rumors that someone prevalent in the black world also knows the location of a faran.


The Oracle of Snakes, Haad is a powerful faran living in the secluded goranil peaks in Lustana. Haad is a massive snake with slate grey and midnight blue scales, she is adorned with intricate gold rings on various parts of her body as well as a small white crown. She is able to speak all languages and has a vast knowledge of the world, and is the one who taught Raiken and even sensed within him the potential to become a powerful faran. Her values are that of knowledge and observation, that paying attention to what is going on around you is the only way to move forward.


Golvara is a faran that resides at the bottom of the lake in the middle of the lethe oasis, Alabasta. Golvara resembles an enormous lemur with canyon-like formations of rock attached to his back. His "canyon" has fish that swim throughout it, able to swim in between the rocks even when he is not submerged and there is no water. He trained Riafa Vetera, and teaches the virtues of strength and how a connection with the land can lend you the power you need to become unstoppable.


Elaserus is an ancient energy beast that has been living deep in the fungal forests of Yatrel, Koskain. Elaserus resembles a faceless humanoid, covered in pearlescent-tipped dark brown fur, with a long slender body and legs like a frog. His four arms are double jointed and he has a protrusion of bone from the back of his head that circles it like a large halo and has a faint pearlescent shine. He trained Yarrow Tiger, and teaches the virtues of patience and discipline, that you can gain all things through waiting for the right time to strike.


Meleranos is an ancient energy beast known to frequent the deep cave systems that run throughout the peaks of the Soirowa mountains in Nafa. He is a large, goat-like creature with long forward facing horns, a crimson mane running down the back of his neck, and long legs with crimson fur. The rest of his coat is a bright white except for the tip of his long tail, which is also crimson. He trained Jackle Harla, and teaches that power, at its essence, is unquenchable greed.


Persom is a faran that takes shelter in the frozen dunes of northern Stalor. It is a powerful ancient being, known as a shapeshifter by history but usually takes on a peculiar shape. It's face is that of a white bear with the mane of a lion, but it is a bipedal creature. Resembling a thin polar bear, the creature wears a cloak of snow with eyes that glow a glacial green. This is the faran that trained Jinra Dani and teaches the virtues of the righteous lie and how the ends can justify the means.


Lerion is a Faran that trained Uzaira Lerion and Minic Anderosa. She is a small creature, around 3ft tall, and takes the appearance of an entity made completely of almost metal-like branches. Her anatomy mimics a rhinoceros, but she is bipedal and the horns on her nose are an ethereal material that seem to have an infinite capacity, as she is able to store items in them. Lerion teaches the ideal that mastery of the mind leads to mastery of one's own destiny.


Kala was the first faran to pass their knowledge to other races and trained both Enix Myrtemer and Ariendress Elios. Kala has a humanoid upper body that leads into long tail feathers. They have three pairs of wings, with the largest set attached to their shoulder blades and the other sets getting incrementally smaller. Their face is that of a sparrow and their arms are extremely human. Kala's feathers change color based on emotion, usually sitting at a calming blueish-purple. They teach the ideal that morality ebbs and flows but can always be redeemed and the virtue of time. They reside in an unknown location in Itengar.


Wynerrin is a primordial faran living in a vast cave system in the Gordros mountain range on the Viridian-Olirion border. Wynerrin takes the shape of a floating white orb with a mystical presence, able to speak and generate any appendage needed for a certain task. This faran taught Warric Vance and teaches the futility in hatred and values a strong obligation to one's society.