The Faran Order is a secret group of high level arts practitioners that have learned the old ways of harnessing energy before the advent of arts. They learn from rare creatures spread throughout the world that are as old as time itself, and have been around since before the advent of arts. These creatures are of many species, but they are collectively known as faran, which is where the order got their name. These faran are still able to harness environmental energy in order to create more powerful techniques than seen by even the most seasoned arts practitioner.

Before teaching you, the faran must look into you to figure out what kind of environment you are attuned with, as humans and other mortals are limited in that they can only harness the energy of a single environment. Once they discern what your alignment is, they can begin your training. Each faran is unique in their teaching as well as values and ideals, meaning that you can have a completely different learning experience for different faran.

Abilities Edit

Those in the faran order are taught to harness the ambient energy present in natural environments. They can only utilize the energy of specific environments, using it as an external energy source for powerful attacks.

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