Fraice is a High Priestess of VIridian and she resides in the city of Harfell.

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Priestess Staff Edit

Fraice holds a priestess staff, and may use it in battle if she decides to.

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Hallowed Ground Edit

Fraice possesses a unique combination of the light and earth affinities that has come to be known as Hallowed Ground. This powerful abilities allows her to use "holy" techniques and have proved to many that she is a true High Priestess. Her magic usually takes the form of stone with a holy glow to it.

Techniques Edit

  • Anointed Earth - Fraice cups her hands together and a pool of golden liquid begins to fill her hands until it overflows. As the liquid hits the earth, it travels in glowing paths that eventually inscribe a holy symbol onto the ground. Anybody placed within this holy symbol can be quickly healed, as it is a powerful healing technique.
  • Sanctity - Fraice causes glowing pillars of earth inscribed with ancient viridi holy texts to rise from the earth. These pillars can move towards the opponent and explode into light.
  • Consecrated Stone - Fraice raises a massive slab of stone into the air, and then shapes it into a sword using light. The massive glowing earth sword floats above her and can be used to attack opponents.
  • Hallowed Binding: Grasping Hands of the Disciples - Fraice fires from his hands replica hands made of stone that radiate light, which then seek out and grab onto the opponent. After firing several of them, Fraice makes the hand sign for binding and the hands bind the opponent, suppressing their energy
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