Galieo is one of the four High Officers, the highest ranking position in the Alabastan military which is only topped by the king himself. He was given the title "The Rampant Beast". He is in charge of the cavalry and siege divisions

Appearance Edit

Galieo is a strong man with a tall, heroic build. He typically wears the full armor of an Alabastan High Officer, tan heavy armor with a read half cape that starts at the waist.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Attaraxan Heart Edit

Galieo was deemed worthy by Attarax, one of the Five Priests, and pieced his heart to be replaced by one made of clay.

Abilities Edit

Transformation Edit

Through extensive studying the archaic art of body modification, Galieo was able to create a sort of dynamic body modification using his potential affinity that allows him to transform into different forms as well as revert back to his human form. This is noted as a highly technical and advanced adaptation of body modification and has been commended by experts on the art such as High General Sarrow.

Techniques Edit

  • Centarus Form - Galieo transforms into a centaur-like creature, with a heavily armored upper body and a long pole staff. He is able to charge into battle at the front lines with this form, as it has much greater strength and endurance than his human form. This form also allows him to reach great speeds.
  • Scorpius Form - Galieo gains more insect like features as well as a large scorpion tail that can poison enemies, this silent form is more useful as a stealth form for covert operations.
  • Hydratic Form - One of Galieo's strongest forms, Galieo grows in size to nearly 12' tall and gains a dragons head on one shoulder and a lions head on the other. The dragons head can shoot searing flames and the lions head can convert heat into energy.
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