Gamahorts is the court wizard of Baron Eba in Porella. He is loyal to his Baron and will do whatever is asked of him, though he tries to council her to do the right thing.

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Clay manipulation Edit

Gamahorts uses his earth affinity to manipulate clay. He specializes specifically in defensive techniques.

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  • Lutum Shield - Gamahorts creates a large shield out of clay in order to defend from attacks
  • Lutum Barricade - Much larger than the shield, but immobile, Gamahorts creates a large barricade out of clay that is extremely resilient to both physical attacks and arts.
  • Lutumius - A powerful defensive technique that takes the form of a massive clay sword rising from the ground (tip facing towards the ground). The Lutumius is said to be "the sword that can defend the chosen from the horrors of the world".
    • Double Lutumius - Gamahorts places two Lutumius for double the protection.
    • Sextuple Warded Lutumius - An extremely powerful defensive techniques, Gamahorts places 6 Lutumius in a row and places special wards on them to increase their power. Nothing has ever been known to break this technique.
  • Creta Shot - Long, sharp poles of clay are shot at the opponent.
  • Creta Sphere - Gamahorts encapsulates his opponent in a sphere of clay and then compresses the sphere.
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