Ganus Mone is the leader of an intelligence unit that operates outside of the law. While they are affiliated with the Black World, they are typically hired by governments and factions vying for power.

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Equipment Edit

Umbrella Edit

Ganus carries a plain umbrella with him at all times. The fabric of the Umbrella is blue while the shaft and handle are black.

Abilities Edit

Almighty Eye Art Edit

Ganus' art allows him to see over a large radius as well as see from different perspectives by casting his energy to different locations. This art is taxing on energy reserves and does not contain any offensive techniques, but can be used effectively in battle.

Energy Shielding Master Edit

Ganus is extremely proficient in his use of energy shielding. He is able to fight well against adversaries because of his ability to block most attacks purely with his energy. He can even apply shielding to the umbrella he carries and use it as a shield.

Techniques Edit

  • Almighty Eye - Ganus projects his energy to a location and creates an invisible "eye" that is able to see 360 degrees in that location. He cannot use this technique through walls and he can only project it to places he can see.
    • Almighty Eye: Dominion - Ganus can project his energy in a circular field, enabling him to move his vision to any point on the sphere he has created, including any point inside of it. This allows him to see through objects as long as the inside is hollow.
    • Almighty Eye: Empire - This technique is similar to dominion, except it can be cast across a large area, big enough to fit an entire city. Ganus must not move in order to use this technique.
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