Gargoyle is a servant of the 8th Lock, Arachnid. He is a powerful servant with immense strength.

Appearance Edit

Gargoyle is a massive Hybrid, standing 8 feet tall. His head is that of a horned gargoyle while his body is that of a human. He has the normal grey skin of a hybrid, although his skin is hard and rough and seems more like old stone. He has piercing red eyes as well as sharp teeth. His monstrous frame is clothed only by a pair of tattered black pants.

History Edit

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Earth Enhancer Edit

Gargoyle usually utilizes his earth affinity to enhance his already immense physical and defensive strength, allowing him to simply take damage from attacks so he doesn't have to worry about defensive technique. This technique is makes him quite a bit slower when it is active and makes his skin look somewhat like stone, he typically keeps this technique active at all times.

Techniques Edit

  • Stone Wings - Gargoyle is able to sprout wings made of stone from his back. They do not allow him to fly very high or very fast, but give him an increased movements speed as he hovers a little bit off of the ground.
  • Earth Enhancer: Stone Skin - Gargoyle's enhancer technique using his earth affinity. His skin looks more like stone and he gains a massive increase in defensive strength as well as physical strength. Gargoyle usually keeps this technique active.
  • Eyes of Retribution - Gargoyle can concentrate most of his magic into the palms of his hand, causing red eyes identical to his to form on each palm. The eyes are surrounded by archaic symbols and can shoot out a thin red beam. Whatever this beam touches begins to turn to stone.
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