Gemini is a servant of the 9th lock, Europa, and is capable of controlling powerful storms. The strangest ability that Gemini has is that they can split into two completely different people.

Appearance Edit

Gemini Wears mostly black, a black fitted jacket with a black undershirt and black pants. They also weara a long flowing white scarf, contrasted from the all black clothing.

Gemi and Mimi wear nearly identical clothing when they are split.

HIstory Edit

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Abilities Edit

Body Modification: Split Edit

Split is one of Gemini's identifying abilities. Gemini has a unique body modification in that they have developed two completely different personalities, each with their own appearance and even their own affinities. The two personalities are twins named Gemi and Mimi. Gemi is a boy that has wind and lightning affinities and Mimi is a girl with wind and water affinities. The two personalities are so independent of each other that they spend most of their time split as two separate people. Though they seem to get along well, they have impeccable harmony and always fight together, they say the dynamic is completely different when they manifest in their true form and that they can never get along.

Storm Manipulation Edit

Gemini has the powerful ability to create dramatic storms that can devastate the landscape. They can create sweeping hurricanes and powerful floods as well as screaming tornadoes and destructive lightning storms.

Lightning Manipulation (Gemi) Edit

Gemi can utilize his lightning ability, usually concentrating it on his feet and fists.

Water (Mimi) Edit

Mimi typically uses her water magic, creating powerful whips that encircle her and cause devastating blows.

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