Giramel is the strongest member of The Twelve Locks, and is known for his mysterious and powerful art.

Appearance Edit

Giramel is a battle-hardened hybrid. He has mid-length pink hair and grey eyes. He has a scar that runs down from the top of his forehead to the middle of his right eye and continues from the right corner of his eye down his cheek. He has a long thin pipe that he smokes that has a silver cross pendant tied to it. Giramel wears a slim light grey coat with a turtle neck type collar that goes down to his mid thigh. He wears black pants that are loose until the knee, where they become quite tight from the knee down. On his left shoulder, he wears dark grey fabric that resembles shoulder armor that has a layered pattern and is slightly ornate. This shoulder fabric goes down to his elbow. Giramel wears a black cloak that is slightly tattered towards the end. This cloak has a hood, and wraps around his neck as well. The cloak goes over his right shoulder, concealing his right arm. There is a black leather strap that attaches to the cloak on his right shoulder and goes around his chest and attaches to the center of the inside of the cloak. Giramel wears dark grey gloves and has grey bandages that wrap up to his forearms, over his coat sleeves. He wears a black t-shirt under the jacket as well.

Giramel has the roman numeral XII on his right rib cage, indicating that he is the 12th lock.

History Edit

Desertion of Viridian Edit

Giramel was formerly known as Galen, and was the brother of Haruu Bastion. He was a very curious child, and from a young age had a fascination with the way the world works. Known as a child prodigy, he was able to master the royal arts at a young age. As Galen grew up, he became more aware of the destruction and sorrow in the world. This weighed heavily on his spirit, and allowed Ghost to manipulate him into thinking that the only way to end the sorrow was to end the current state of the world. Ghost coaxed Galen into deserting Viridian and joining him and Ryazan in Grimm Shaw.

Equipment Edit

Katana Edit

Giramel carries a basic katana on his waist. The katana has ragged dark red wrappings on the hilt.

Archfiend Sonata Edit

A special blade that Giramel carries on the same hip as his normal katana. This katana is completely black, and instead of having a hilt and guard, the metal that would extend into the hilt is wrapped in black cloth that flows off of the handle. When sheathed, the weapon is wrapped in the black bandages as well. The ability of this blade is to slice extremely fast when energy is applied to it, and it is said that Giramel can reach upwards of 50 slashes per second.

Abilities Edit

Sacred Shadow Art Edit

Giramel has developed a unique art by combining the light and dark affinities. He is able to coat parts of his body and anything he touches with this art. The art has multiple functions but is mainly used as an enhancement art. The art when used gives the appearance of the target turning pitch black, with cracks of white light showing through.

Monkung Edit

Giramel is trained in the use of Monkung, the special sword fighting style taught to the royalty in Viridian. Giramel was a child prodigy while still living in Viridian. Before he deserted the country, it is said that he could rival the current Monkung Grandmaster with his sword ability.

Techniques Edit

  • Sacred Shadow - This is Giramel's main technique. His art can coat a body part or whatever he is touching. Doing so turns the item pitch black with cracks of bright white light that show through. This greatly enhances all aspects of the target, making it a formidable art. He generally uses this ability on the katana he carries with him.
    • Sacred Shadow Arm - Giramel uses his art to enhance one of his arms, making his punches deliver devastating force.
    • Sacred Shadow Art: Black Lance - One of the only techniques where Giramel uses only energy, he forms a lance out of his sacred shadows and throws it with immense precision, accuracy, and speed.
      • Sacred Shadow Art: Dance of the Black Lance - Giramel throws a large volley of Black Lances at a target, decimating the area of impact.
    • Sacred Shadow Art: Body of Light - This technique changes Giramel's appearance. His hair turns white and his eyes turn black with white irises. His clothing turns bright white, maintaining its former appearance and giving him a white aura. In this form, Giramel can use his light affinity to increase his speed exponentially, making him extremely hard to track and also makes it almost impossible to predict his movements.
    • Sacred Shadow Art: Body of Shadows - This technique changes Giramel's appearance. His hair turns black and his eyes turn white with black irises. His clothing turns pitch black, maintaining its former appearance and giving him a black aura. In this form, Giramel can use his dark affinity to increase his power exponentially, making even simple attacks deliver devastating blows.
  • Dark Flicker - Giramel uses his sacred shadow art on the soles of his feet and on the ground beneath them, enabling him to move very fast from place to place, causing an after image to appear.
  • Moonlight Rocket - Giramel utilizes his art to apply to his feet and his arms or anything he is holding, and launches forward with incredible speed towards the target.
  • Prison of Kings - Giramel coats his arm in his art and places the palm of his hand on the ground. Five large statues that resemble kings rise from the ground around the target, with the same pattern as his art. This traps the target, as if they try to escape the statues attack, forcing the target to move back towards the center. This can encircle multiple targets.
  • Valley of Kings - This technique is similar to Prison of Kings, but instead of keeping people in, it is designed to keep people out. This move can be used to surround only a couple people or used to surround an entire city like Grimm Shaw.
  • Summoning: Midnight Sun - When Giramel uses this move, pieces of earth begin rising into the air, creating a massive ball the resembles his sacred shadow art. This immense ball changes the sky in the surrounding area so that it appears to be midnight. This massive "sun" enables Giramel to use his art on objects he is not in contact with, and also gives him an even greater boost to his abilities.
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