Girin is a Sigil Hunter from Methos Gran. He is part of the Sigil Hunting Guild Vermilion and he is typically partnered with Ebon Idoro

Appearance Edit

Girin has messy light brown hair with a large grey headband covering most of it.

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Sigils Edit

Girin is an adept Sigil Hunter, and is in possession of some powerful Sigils. Girin did not use compounding sigils, but instead took sigils that he thought would work well together.

God Sigils

  • Transmutation Sigil: This God Sigil ​materializes as a transmutation circle tattoo on the back of each of Girin's hands. It can change the state of any material to the next material higher up (I.e. Stones/Iron, Lead/Gold).

Legend Sigils

  • Metalform Sigil: This ​Legend Sigil can change the form of any metal object. The tattoo is a long line black line on Girin's right arm going from wrist to inner elbow with a shorter line on each side.

Hero Sigils

  • Shaman Sigil: This Hero Sigil allows Girin to quickly survey an area by granting clairvoyant-like properties. The tattoo materializes as three dots that form a triangle around his right eye. He must close his right eye in order to activate this sigil, which will then form a large eye in the sky that can gather multiple types of information.
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