Golemancy is a craft practiced all around the world, and is centered around the core theory of creating artificial life through the use of one's own energy. It is considered an advanced adaptation of manifest arts, focusing heavily on form, this craft is not restricted to any one art, and can be practiced with nearly any art provided the proper training. While practiced differently around the world with many variations, the basic principles of golemancy remain the same throughout.

Basics Edit

There are two basic criteria that are needed to define a golem

  1. The golem needs to be complex in it's function, meaning that it must be able to generate some level of decision-making and can act on more than a direct command.
  2. The golem is powered by a "core" or an energy source from which it is powered and cannot be powered from the practitioner directly.

Golems are split into two categories: rough golems and true golems. They are differentiated by the level of complexity in their thinking.

Rough Golems Edit

Rough golems are able to be given commands and carry out complex functions. They serve as simple servants and are useful in a variety of situations. Rough golems are much simpler to create and therefore more accessible to practitioners.

True Golems Edit

True golems are considered the pinnacle of golemancy, and take an immense amount of skill to create. They are nearly sentient and able to do much more than a rough golem.

Pseudo-Golems Edit

Pseudo-golems are not actual golems and are generated from one's own art. They do not contain a core and can only receive simple, direct commands. While often labeled as golems they are not in fact golems at all, and rather just normal techniques from high level practitioners.

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