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Goren Vagri is one of the most influential and powerful people in the Black World. He is known as one of the Black Three, which comprises of three people in the Black World that are on a level of their own. He made his way to the top through the world of human trafficking and drug production.

Goren is a particularly cruel human being, controlling his network of subordinates through fear. He is also known to be extremely racist, seeing races such as the kura, the enwe, and even the ankor as "animalistic" and "savage" races due to their appearances.


Goren has deep purple eyes and a bald head, with a thin beard that runs from his temples down his chin and connects to his mustache. He wears a green suit jacket and matching green pants with a brown belt. He also wears a deep purple turtleneck tucked into his suit pants. He wears dark grey gloves, as he doesn't like to touch anything he considers beneath him with his bare hands.


Goren was born into a wealthy family in Lejira known to be a part of the human trafficking market. He learned from a young age what it takes to be successful, and pushed his family business to new heights once he took over. He became infamous for his cruelty but was an intelligent, albeit immoral, businessman and steadily grew his wealth and influence throughout the black world. As the crack down on slavery is increasing world-wide, Goren began building an empire producing and distributing highly addictive drugs internationally. He is most notorious for his extremely potent version of the drug varsa, which he concentrates from kura slaves in manufacturing facilities. Varsa is a drug originating from Nafa that gave a slight boost to energy output if enough of it was consumed. It is a culturally important stimulant in Nafa that is derived from a native plant, the plant naturally produces high concentrations of N-tetraxilin, which is the compound in varsa that increases energy output. Through his research and experimentation on the biruki kura, Goren found that the biruki trait was the cause of a specific gene overexpression that produces excess amounts of B-tetraxilin in the body and created a much more potent and addictive form of varsa. He found that by looking for other signs of the overexpression throughout the body, he could predict which humans may have excess amounts of B-tetraxiline in their bodies as well.

Over time he has acquired a personal guard consisting of 6 people:

Human Experimentation[]

Goren has been using his human trafficking business as an opportunity to find new test subjects for his genetic experiments, where he has been trying to alter the genetic code of humans. He believes that genetic experimentation could lead to the next evolution of the human species, allowing them to be even more capable in harnessing and utilizing energy and becoming on par with ancient races such as the tynar.

The Orphanage[]

Through the experimentation with the Biruki, Goren was able to find biological data that could indicate heightened levels of B-tetraxiline in young children. Those children may be more likely to innately develop a unique art. Goren uses information given to him by Hyacinth Daleira in order to look for the signals that there may be gene overexpression in a specific child, in order for him to kidnap them and take them to the orphanage, where they go through grueling training in order to develop powerful arts. This is just another sector of Goren's research on human experimentation and he sees the children merely as test subjects.


Slave Collars[]

Goren has multiple electrical collars that he puts on his slaves. He can electrocute them with a remote that he keeps on him.


Light Manipulation[]

Goren is an adept user of his light affinity, typically using it for simple yet powerful attacks.

Spirit Sage Art[]

The spirit sage art is an advanced, potentially enhanced form of the light affinity that allows one to connect themselves to another through their energy. This connection acts as a sort of dual-enhancement where the two connected people have combined physical strength, speed, stamina, and -at advanced levels- energy pools. This art takes the form of a super livid green energy that the practitioner can send out to connect to others. Goren uses this art in a unique and mortifying way, where he forces a connection between him and his opponents and overrides their energy circuits, taking control of their body. It is unknown how Goren was able to develop this technique as it was previously assumed that the spirit sage connection is mutual, meaning that the connection is two way and the effects placed through the art on one individual are typically placed on the other as well.


  • Puppetmaster - Goren attaches tendrils of his art onto his victims, allowing him to control their movements. He uses this to attack his opponents typically with their own allies, and can control up to two people at once.
  • Puppetslayer - Goren is able to take out multiple enemies with technique, he attaches a tendril to the arm of as many people as he likes, and causes them to slit their own throats.
  • Light Whip - Goren fashions a whip out of light, striking his opponents with great force.