Goren Vagri is one of the most influential and powerful people in the Black World. He is known as one of the Black Three, which comprises of three people in the Black World that are on a level of their own. He made his way to the top through the world of human trafficking.

Appearance Edit

Goren has deep purple eyes and a bald head, with a thin beard that runs from his temples down his chin and connects to his mustache. He wears a green suit jacket and green pants with a brown belt. He also wears a deep purple turtleneck tucked into his suit pants. He wears dark grey gloves, as he doesn't like to touch anything he considers beneath him with his bare hands.

History Edit

Goren was born into a wealthy family in Lejira known to be a part of the human trafficking market. He learned from a young age what it takes to be successful, and pushed his family business to new heights once he took over.

Over time he has acquired a personal guard consisting of 6 people:

Human Experimentation Edit

Goren has been using his human trafficking business as an opportunity to find new test subjects for his cruel and strange experiments, where he has been trying to alter the genetic code of humans.

Equipment Edit

Slave Collars Edit

Goren has multiple electrical collars that he puts on his slaves. He can electrocute them with a remote that he keeps on him.

Abilities Edit

Spirit Sage Art Edit

Goren's power is a mystical super livid energy made from his light affinity. While spirit sage art is typically used as an enhancer art, strengthening the bodies of those who use them. Goren flows his art into the bodies of others, taking them over by simultaneously binding and enhancing them through his spirit sage tendrils that are attached to them.

Techniques Edit

  • Puppetmaster - Goren attaches tendrils of his magic onto his victims, simultaneously binding them and enhancing them, allowing him to control their movements. He uses this to attack his opponents typically with their own allies, and can control up to two people at once.
  • Puppetslayer - Goren is able to take out multiple enemies with technique, he attaches a tendril to the arm of as many people as he likes, and causes them to slit their own throats.
  • Spirit Whip - Goren fashions a whip out of his energy, striking his opponents with great force.
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