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Grim Sierra is an elf from the Ojara in Mbori. He defected from his country and became affiliated with Dust, a secret organization operating on the Glistanan continent. He has now become an Absolver, a high ranking officer within the organization. He is based within the Alabasta Hideout, carrying out missions for the organization when necessary.


Grim Sierra has the tan skin of an Ojaran elf. His hair is split in color, being mostly black on the left and mostly white on the right. His eyes are similar, with his right eye being light yellow in color and the left being golden. He wears a cropped baggy yellow shirt with three white triangles in a line on the chest, with the middle triangle being upside down. He also wears a fitted black sleeveless shirt underneath that goes slightly up his neck and black pants that resemble techwear, where they are slightly baggy but cinch around the ankles and calves. He also wears white boots with black accents. His left arm is completely wrapped in light grey bandages. His left arm is also covered in various accessories like red prayer beads, black rope, golden cuffs, etc. and he has golden rings on all of his right hand fingers except the thumb. He also wears a moseng crystal necklace although he doesn't believe in the tribal beliefs of his people.



NIRV-3 Mjolnir[]

A divine gift that was bestowed upon him by Brummadsaya Medri, The NIVR-3 Mjolnir is a heavy rotating Gatling-style machine gun, firing high-velocity shells that cause devastating damage on impact. This ballistic cannon has a high rate of fire and decimates its targets. The weapon is roughly 6ft long, with a handle on top that Grim holds vertically and a strap on his forearm in order to control this weapon. There are also straps that go around his chest and shoulders to give him extra support. Brummadsaya used her art to place this inside of Grim's body, indicated by a pale lavender dot on the palm of his left hand.

Nanite Gauntlet[]

A divine gift that was bestowed upon him by Brummadsaya Medri, this tool is a guantlet made completely out of nanites, or molecular machines. These nanites can relay information back to Grim, allowing him to see and hear where they are. This is accomplished by the nanites relaying the information back to the nanites still with him, allowing Grim to recreate the scene with audio and visual models in the palm of his hand. When the nanites come off of the gauntlet, there is a disintegrating effect. Brummadsaya used her art to place this inside of Grim's body, indicated by a lavender dot on the palm of his right hand.



Exlo is a god that has possessed Grim's body. This possession gives him access to the domain in Ilador known as the Golden Mausoleum which Exlo rules over. Grim has expert control over both the domain and body aspects of the possession, giving him access to a wide range of techniques. When Grim partially possesses his skin turns into gold dust.

Light Manipulation[]

Grim is a proficient user of his light affinity.

Darkness Manipulation[]

Grim is very well versed with his dark affinity.

Dusk Art[]

Grim has one of the two iconic Ojaran arts, the dusk art. This art is known as one of the twilight arts and gives the user the ability to recreate the properties of negation. By placing an invisible mark on a target, the user can negate an action completely. Once an action is negated, the mark dissipates and a new mark will need to be placed in order to use the technique again. The mark must be placed by hand.


  • Dusk - The general term for techniques within the dusk art. Grim uses this by placing marks on his opponent through hand to hand combat and then negating the target's physical movement directly. An example would be he would place marks and leave them and then when a target throws a punch he would negate the muscle movement of the target, halting their movement instantly. He also uses this by placing marks on himself and activating them to instantaneously stop his movement, allowing for him to complete athletic feats that seem inhuman.
  • Golden Armory - The Golden Mausoleum is filled with golden scythes that Grim can manifest from gold dust while partially possessed. The weapons have a gold dust particle affect.
  • Desert of the Dead - Grim partially possesses and spreads his gold dust everywhere, altering the terrain into a miniature desert.
    • Grand Pillars of Marble - Grim can pull pillars of marble and gold from the mausoleum once he has covered the area in gold dust, making them erupt from anywhere in the desert. He can also use this by creating a wall of gold dust next to him and shooting a pillar out horizontally, causing heavy damage.
  • Gold Dust Skin - While partially possessed, gold dust can flow off of Grim's skin and he can use this as an offensive technique or as a distraction.
  • Mausoleum Tomb Binding - Giramel makes a tomb of marble and gold rise from the gold dust and puts a target into it, binding them.