Haagen is a tall very physically fit man. He is the guardian of the Cold Gates, located on top of Lorcan mountain, the tallest mountain in Koskain. Haagen wears heavy metal armor with fur ornaments, as well as a wolf pelt cape that covers his shoulders and upper back and drops down his back in a more triangular shape. Haagen wears his long dark brown hair in a warriors ponytail style, and has an eyepatch and scar down his left eye. He has a long full beard as well, with gold rings down the side of it. The weapon he wields is Siegfried, and is the main reason he is such a notable fighter. The sword has a fur wrapped hilt with a long flat guard that turn upwards at the ends to form small spikes. There is then a little more hilt and a smaller guard, resembling the first section. The blade is made of mystical Icy mist, that take the shape of a long broad sword. Siegfried has two abilities, with the strongest ability being Nordic Grave, and gives Haagen the ability to resurrect himself as long as he was killed in battle. When Haagen dies in battle, Siegfried freezes into ice and shatters, and then ice starts forming into the shape of Haagen and ultimately resurrecting him. Haagen's left eye has an icy look to it, where it looks almost frozen. While his normal eye color is brown, his left eye color is ice blue. There is a number 11 in the pupil of his left eye, which stands for the amount of times he can use Nordic Grave per battle. Haagen seems to be linked to Siegfried, which amplifies both his powers and the power of the sword. The other power of Siegfried is the ability to place ice veins wherever it slashes. These ice veins explode when the sword makes contact, creating a devastating hit on every swing. Haagen's power is the power to do an ice shift, where he creates an ice version of himself and instantaneously appears in a different location. The ice self shatters shortly after Haagen has reappeared. Haagen also has a necklace called Winter Tear, which when used causes haagen's right eye to glow bright blue and shine with a misty light trail coming off of it. When activated, his left arm gets covered in ice. Haagen can then release a blast of frosty bright blue light that "shatters all from existence". Using this ability drains almost all of Haagen's magical power, making it impossible to resurrect after using this unless given time to rest. Due to the large tax this ability has on Haagen, he reserves its use for only the most dire of situations.

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