Haizm is a modern and somewhat wealthy country. The country gained a large amount of development when it was a colony of Alabasta, which was a great support for its more recent industrialization. The mineral that Haizm was known for was their vast deposits of adriantum, a strong metal that is black in color and occurs naturally in abundance within the region. The metal was used for all kinds of things from weapons and armor to infrastructure.

Geography Edit

Hazim is filled with verdant grasslands and lush subtropical forests. Due to both the close proximity to the Dagaran gulf and the slightly higher elevation, Haizm has a more moderate climate that supports a vast array of wildlife.

Cities Edit

Tanabra Edit

Tanabra is Haizm's capital city, lying on the northern coast of the country. Tanabra, originally named Haizmport in colonial times, was the first colonial alabastan settlement in the country.

History Edit

Gaining Independence Edit

When Haizm was still a colony of Alabasta, Nerefus Chorum was appointed to rule over the colony after the previous overseer had been murdered. Haizm was a rebellious colony and alabastan royalty was hoping that Nerefus, a renowned trader known for being a hardened person, would quell the rebellions. Nerefus instead secretly helped the rebellion and eventually overthrew the alabastan regime in Haizm, wresting control of the country. The people were joyous of the independence and the Chorum family, though not native to Haizm, has ruled the country ever since.

Culture Edit

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