Haman Seeks is a member or Primordial Dawn. He does not have an affinity which is rare among the Tynar, but possesses an incredibly strong body modification art.

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Maki is Haman's companion that he created from his own art and is fully sentient. Maki resembles a penguin, with red fur for his coat and white fur on the front of him. He has a black pattern on his chest that looks like the upper half of a skull. Being made from Haman's art, Maki is able to use high level body modification arts, but only to a certain degree. Like Haman, Maki is able to transform any and all parts of his body into small spheres of magic. Maki is able to "reconfigure" himself into almost anything from a weapon like a sword to an object like a key, making him extremely useful on and off of the battlefield. Haman treats Maki like his best friend rather than a tool. Maki is actually one of Haman's original ribs, which is what makes him more powerful than other creations.

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Body Modification: Culmination Edit

Haman is the strongest user of body modification arts, and is the only user in history to be able to use it to its fullest extent. He is able to transform any part of his body into small spheres of energy, making it extremely difficult to land a hit on him. Haman can also use his abilities in a variety of other ways as well, such as the creation of Maki. Haman's art is florescent green/blue in color.

Techniques Edit

  • Divide - This is Haman's ability to transform into particles. He almost always has this ability active, giving him the ability to split apart and materialize at a moments notice. Because of this ability, he typically doesn't try to dodge attacks.
  • Manipulate - Haman is able to create additional parts of his body. Haman usually uses this to create extra bones in his hand that he can fire at will. The objects that Haman fires don't resemble bone because he densely packs his energy into each object, giving it the same color and effect that his art has. In order to conserve energy, Haman usually disperses the extra object once it has filled its purpose, because keeping modifications active for a long period of time drains his energy.
  • Reinforce - Haman uses this ability to create additional layers of skin that are densely packed with energy. The area he covers with this ability takes on the look of his art. This increases his physical offense and defense for the affected part.
  • Replicate - Haman, being a master of body manipulation, is able to change his physical appearance so that he can mimic the look of anyone or anything.
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