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The Hartfell Paladins are a pious group of skilled warriors that reside within their city of Hartfell. They are lead by a mysterious figure known as Fraice, a high priestess who claims she can speak to Avix herself.

The Paladins' motives for secrecy are unknown, but it is theorized that they hold a great artifact within their walls. Though they are secretive, it is possible to see a Paladin outside of the walls of Hartfell, as they are sent on holy missions by Fraice to complete various tasks.


In Viridian, Cathedral is not the only walled city. It is common practice to wall almost every city. Hartfell is a city towards the north of the country and has one of the largest walls out of all of the cities (not larger than cathedrals of course). The city lies on two flat topped mountains, Sarcona and Cloudstep, with a fortified bridge between them. They are one of the most protected cities in Viridian and what they have behind their walls is a mystery to most.

While largely independent they are still a city in the country of Viridian and abide by Viridi laws, as well as regularly trade with Cathedral and other cities in the country.


The Hartfell Paladins are a special breed of warrior that use a Paladins javelin and a Hartfellian shield as their standard equipment. The shield has the crest of Hartfell on it and the javelin has old Viridi tongue inscribed into the blade.

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