Harvel is a scientist working on creating an arts institution in Sirisia. He is world renowned on his research into arts and is most well known for his theories on magical beasts.

Appearance Edit

Harvel wears a long white scientific coat with blue jeans and a beige long sleeved t shirt, with long black boots. He has medium length, wavy, strawberry blond hair that he holds back with laboratory goggles on his head.

History Edit

Originally coming from Hariko village, Harvel was extremely interested in the nature of arts even as a young boy. As an adult, he consistently tried to get funding from riverfront to being an institute of higher education for the understanding of arts, but could never get the magnate's full approval. He began travelling the world speaking at other institutions and running field tests in order to raise money for his research and for the institute.

After the Sirisian War, Magnate Delric was more supportive of Harvel's idea. Harvel was able to establish the Sirisian Institute of Arts in the newly developing Hariko village.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Structure Edit

Structure is the name of Harvel's unique art in which he developed himself. A mixture of ice with the wind and light affinities allows him to make 3D shapes with versatile uses. He describes the art of being a masterpiece of modern science and the understanding of arts. Harvel states that the Light affinity provides a base of energy from which to build, while the wind affinity provides a lightness that allows for low energy consumption, and the ice manipulation from the water affinity provides a structural integrity to the art. The art takes the form of solid 3D outlines of shapes that help him to complete numerous tasks, the lines take on a soft green color with a faint glow.

Techniques Edit

  • Cubed Cage - Harvel creates a simple cage in the shape of a cube that he uses to keep small animal, plant, or mineral specimens for his research.
    • Pentagonal Binding Prison - A much more improved version of his cubed cage technique, harvel is able to create a massive prison in the shape of a pentagonal trapezohedron that is also a binding technique. This must be used for the more powerful or deadly specimens that he collects.
  • Analytic Circumscription - Harvel creates an isocahedron in which he can use to collect data about anything within its bounds. He can change the size of the isocahedron to cover a small sample as well as an entire human, allowing to collect compositional data such as affinities, structural information, and much more.
  • Prism Rounds - Harvel can fire rounds created out of various prisms. the bullets arent very strong but usually act as a deterrent for large animals.
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