Heren is the middle sibling in the Veritas family, a wealthy aristocratic family in Dracia. He has an older brother Sonrel and a younger sister Mariana. Together they are travelling to find the Leerwick family in order to avenge their mother's death.

Being the middle child, Heren often feels forgotten, especially since both Sonrel and Mariana are more adept at their magic than him. Though they are better, Heren is still highly skilled and just wants to be recognized. He has hopes of joining the Dracian Royal Guard.

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Heren was trained at an early age to gain control of his fire affinity. He is proficient in it's use and is constantly training to become better. As well as an adept user of fire magic, Heren is also a great fighter due to all of his training.

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  • Flame Bolt - Heren can fire a powerful fireball at the enemy.
    • Flame Bolt: Bombardment - Heren can create multiple flame bolts that he can use to bombard an area.
  • Flame Fists - Heren's most common technique, he sets his fists on fire to enhance the power of his punches.
  • Burning - Heren can create large pillars of fire to rise forth from the ground. Due to the immense power of this technique Heren must rest after using it.
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