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Raliod is the High General of Vast Ro, the refinery district of the Iron Cities. He is a diligent man that believes in hard work being the only honorable way to success. He is thought to be the reincarnation of the war god Hefalliar.





A powerful energy weapon given to Raliod by his grandfather, Evali is a large metal hammer that causes concussive bursts on impact when striking a person or object. These concussive bursts drastically increase the power of Raliod's hits, making them much more effective even against opponents proficient in energy shielding

Abilities []

Pure Energy Manipulation[]

While not having a single affinity, Raliod still learned to manipulate his own energy in its pure form. This form of energy manipulation is extremely difficult to use and requires large amounts of both stamina and concentration. Being so difficult, Raliod is only able to utilize this for minor techniques, which he uses in as an enhancement of his physical abilities.

Master Close Combat Fighter[]

Not being able to develop arts or techniques, Raliod trained his body. He his an expert close combat fighter and maintains his body in peak performance.


  • Concussive Barrage - Raliod lands back to back hits with his hammer, increasing the concussive force as each hit lands.
  • Divine Invocation: Hefalliar's Roar - Mustering all of his energy, Raliod is able to clap his hands together and send a large wave of pure energy towards his opponents in a large arc, tearing away at anything in its path. Raliod used this technique to prove that he was the reincarnation of Heffaliar.
  • Merit of Strength - Raliod is able to enhance the strength of his physical hits by using a pure energy enhancement right before impact.