Hiso is a member of the Saint's Guard. He is an orphan that never knew his parents and lived on the streets of Miracle City. He is wild in demeanor and comes off as crazy sometimes, but he is actually an extremely good tactician. He is best friends with Mugen Mar, another member of the Saint's Guard.

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Modified Godrium Pistols Edit

Hiso has four modified godrium pistols. The barrels of his pistols are much longer than that of a normal godrium pistol. The gun is also modified to accept his art as ammo. Instead of bullets, Hiso can condense his enerfy and fire it at will. The pistols are all named and sometimes Hiso talks to them, which is one of the reasons that people think he is crazy. He carries the guns in double holsters on each side of his ribs. The guns are named Shiro, Kuro, Aka, and Awai, which is a reference to the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Although there are four names, it is unclear which gun has which name, as he often switches which name he calls which gun.

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Wind Manipulation Edit

Hiso is very powerful with his air affinity. He lacks control of his art because he received no formal training when developing his art, but his natural power is astonishing. He uses his modified pistols to focus his energy because without a conduit his art is almost too dangerous to use. Hiso's unique form of energy causes burst air explosions, which can be extremely destructive. His art is black in color.

Techniques Edit

  • Black Wind Dart - This is Hiso's main technique, where he applies his black wind art to his pistols. This fires a bullet at high speeds toward the target.
  • Black Wind Cyclone - Hiso holds two of his pistols forward and charges his energy into them. When he fires, a large blast of black wind flies towards the target with incredible speed.
  • Black Bombs - This is one of Hiso's most dangerous techniques. He coats his hand in black winds, and either throws the magic at a target or charges forward to hit them with it. The black wind is unstable without a conduit and explodes into vicious winds upon contact that can tear through metal and rupture internal organs. Since the magic is so volatile it is prone to explode just because it is touching Hiso. Since his energy control is weak, he cannot control how much energy he puts into each attack, making almost every attack a super bomb that is dangerous for everyone in the area.
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