Hylana is an Absolver of Dust, the evil organization in the business of toppling governments. She is based in the Dagara hideout, carrying out missions for Brummadsaya

Appearance Edit

Hylana has extremely pale skin and long dark hair.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Dark Anchor Edit

The Dark Anchor is the divine gift bestowed upon Hylana from Brummadsaya Medri. The anchor is actually a small, deep purple needle that, when placed, allows Hylana to teleport to it from wherever she is within a certain radius. The divine gift is stored in Hylanas body and is indicated by a red dot on her tongue.

Abilities Edit

Nightmare Gas Edit

A fusion of her air and dark affinities, Hylana has created what she calls nightmare gas, a versatile gas that allows for a multitude of varied techniques. The adept control of the fusion of the two intangible affinities is a testament to her strength, as they are notoriously difficult to control separately let alone together.

Techniques Edit

  • Countless Nightmares - Hylana can gather her nightmare gas into a cloud and fire bullets from it. If an opponent is hit by any of the bullets they briefly live out their worst fear, and continue to relive it for each bullet that hits them.
  • Necrotic Stinger - Hylana forms her nightmare gas into the rough form of a scorpion tail, which she uses in close combat fights. The stinger on the tail can leak some of the gas into your system, which works as a kind of poison.
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