Immin Armin, known as "Chrome" because of his unique art, is an Ojaran elf that joined the COG Peacekeepers. He is a talented fighter and while he seems cold he is actually very caring and will only harm another if necessary.

Appearance Edit

Chrome has medium messy hair that is very dark blue and is shorter on the sides. he has a braid in his hair that has golden clasps on it. His eyes are golden in color. He wears the COG Peacekeepers coat with a maroon long jacket under with yellow jeans and black shoes. The jacket is short sleeved and has a brand logo on it as well a a bumble bee.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Pistol Edit

Chrome carries a normal pistol on him. The pistol resembles a Glock 17 and he keeps it in a holster on his right thigh. While this is not an energy weapon, Chrome can apply his art to the bullets of the gun and fire them, increasing their speed and strength, but the art isn't perfect when applied to something other than his body and deteriorates the condition of the weapon, so he doesn't do it all time.

Abilities Edit

Impact Art Edit

Chrome has developed his wind affinity into a special variation known as impact. He is able to supercharge parts of his body by densely compacting wind energy around them, allowing him to attain incredible strength and speed. His tightly packed energy reflects light multiple times and in such a way that it makes his body appear to be chrome, hence his moniker. This visual detail has misled his opponents before into thinking that his art is from the earth affinity.

Techniques Edit

  • Impact Fist - Chrome charges his forearm with his impact art and swings at the target, sending them flying if he connects the hit.
  • Impact Double Shotgun - Chrome punches with both of his arms at the same time, both charged with his impact fist. This technique will almost certainly knock out the target if it connects well.
  • Impact Jump - Chrome applies his impact art to his legs, allowing him to jump incredibly high or clear large distances in an instant.
  • Impact Overload - Chrome packs twice the amount of energy into one arm, making his punch extremely deadly, but will usually break or fracture his arm upon use.
  • Impact Transfer - The technique he uses to apply his impact art to his bullets, Chrome can apply his art to items but they aren't as strong and only last a short while.
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