Inra is the current head of House Tomi, a noble house in Viridian.

Appearance Edit

Inra has long black hair that he wears in a high tight bun with an ornate hairpiece in it.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Wind Manipulation Edit

Inra is extremely adept at wind manipulation, a manifestation of his air affinity. He is most known for his ability to use wind based techniques that don't originate from his person, making it much more difficult for opponents to predict where an attack will come from.

Techniques Edit

  • Tenrai - Two horizontal slashes of wind strike the opponent from behind.
  • Shinseina - A long spear of wind shoots at the opponent from directly above them.
  • Sabaku - Four long vertical slashes of wind strike the opponent from all four sides.
  • Noboru - A current of slashing air rises from beneath the opponent, lifting them and shredding them with powerful gusts of wind.
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