The International Peacekeeping Force is a remnant of the World State and is an organization charged with keeping peace and order among nations. Teams of highly skilled fighters that work in small groups to maintain stability within the world. Each Peacekeeper renounces their citizenship to their former country and becomes an agent within this specialty unit. Each team is made up of two agents. Each team is assigned a specific region in the world to work and live. They typically carry out smaller missions in their respective pairs, but larger conflicts typically are settled with the help of members from neighboring regions. While the teams may seem small, each member is highly skilled and a lethal adversary. While all of the teams have a duty of keeping the general peace within their region, some teams have specific missions related to their geographic location.

While all part of the same organization, Peacekeepers from different continents often wear different clothing, being cultural developments that have happened over time. The thing that all sectors have is the Peacekeepers insignia. Every sector agent also receives a communication device that they can use to communicate with their other team members and with HQ.

Peacekeepers are also colloquially known as elephants, based on the animal featured in their insignia.

Glistan Edit

COG Edit

The countries under the coalition are currently split into 12 different regions. These regions are essentially the area in which each team of the Peacekeeping force presides over, with Methos Gran pending to become the 13th region of the coalition. Each region varies greatly with size and may encompass multiple countries.
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Region 1: Central and Northern Alabasta Edit

One of the most populous regions within COG, Region 1 contains three Alabastan oases. This region contains the Styx, Lethe, and Akheron Oases as well as the diamond desert.

The team residing in Region 1 is:

One of the main objectives of the team in this region is to try to stop the black market trade of fire rubies from the Styx Oasis. Sylvus has an especially personal connection to the mission, as his chidhood friend was killed by a faulty fire ruby from the black market. The two together are called the Sin brothers, as they both use one of the Seven Weapons of Sin in combat.

Region 2: Southeastern Dagara and Western Alabasta Edit

This region encompass the southeastern savannas of Dagara and the Phlegathon Oasis along with the surrounding deserts of Alabasta. This region is also where the fabled Erini is, one of the Five Priests.

The team residing in Region 2 is:

Region 3: Southeastern Alabasta Edit

This region stretches from the edges of the diamond desert south to the Ruma Mountains that creates the border between Mangori and Alabasta. This Region contains the Kokytos Oasis along with the surrounding deserts and villages.

The team residing in Region 3 is:

Region 4: Northern Lejira Edit

Region 5: Southern Lejira and Western Mangori Edit

Region 6: Northern Dagara Edit

Region 7: West Dagara Edit

Region 8: Northern Mangori and Tababrin Edit

Region 9: Southeastern Mangori Edit

Region 10: Entarai Edit

Region 11: Northern Mbori Edit

Region 12: Southern Mbori and Haizm Edit

COG Agent Equipment Edit

Each COG agent is given certain items when they are chosen for the job. They are given the iconic COG Peacekeepers coat, Which is a long coat that goes down to the ankles. The coat does not have sleeves and wraps around the body. The coat is grey on the outside and beige on the inside, with a collar that slightly extends upwards and a hood. there is a clasp on the chest of the coat that keeps it closed. The clasp is made from rope and can be kept untied if the user wants to keep the coat open as well. The Peacekeepers insignia is on the right side of the chest of the coat in a faded orange color. Agents recieve a motor echocycle in order to help them traverse their region.

Briejan Union Edit

The Briejan Union is compromised of only one region, being named the Briejan region. Only one team is assigned to this reagion, which covers multiple countries but is one of the smallest regions on Glistan. There are arguments that more agents should be assigned to the sector because of the population density, but that is an ongoing matter.

Briejan Region: Briejan Peninsula Edit

This region encompasses the entirety of the Briejan Peninsula, covering the most countries out of all of the regions in the world.

The team residing in Briejan Region is:

Briejan Agent Equipment Edit

The agents in the Briejan region wear a cloak similar to the COG region agents, except the inside of the cloak is blue instead of beige.

Valar Edit

The International Council is the only continent-wide government established on Valar. Being a smaller continent, Valar only has 9 distinct regions. As with the regions on Glistan, the regions vary in size and usually encompass multiple countries.

Region 1: Edit

Region 2: Edit

Region 3: Edit

Region 4: Edit

Region 5: Edit

Region 6: Edit

Region 7: Edit

Region 8: Edit

Region 9: Edit

Council Agent Equipment Edit

Council sector agents wear a jacket with sleeves that is a grey color with a hint of green and an orange ring around the biceps. the jacket has a stiff low collar that is always closed and a heavy-duty zipper. The jacket also features a mask that can pull up from the collar and cover the face and back of the neck. The Peacekeepers insignia is in gold on the right side of the chest of the jacket. They are also issued motor echocycles in order to traverse the region.

Iris Islands Edit

Amidst the political disagreements of this nation, they are granted virtual control over all of the islands when it comes to the International Peacekeeping Force. The Iris islands is a special case politically, and therefore has a different setup than usual.

Iris Region: The Iris Islands Edit

The entirety of the islands is counted as one region but has three agents present. Veres is the only island not covered by the Peacekeepers.

The team residing in the Iris Region is:

Iris Agent Equipment Edit

The Iris Elephants clothing is similar to the COG Agent equipment. They have the same coat, except the outside of the coat is black and the inside of the coat is light grey. The insignia on the chest of the coat is white. Since the region encompasses multiple islands, the agents are issued personal jet gliders instead of motor echocycles like the landlocked regions get.

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