There are several international treaties within the world. These treaties are more than just simple alliances between two countries, they are typically coalitions of large groups of countries that span continents.

The International Council Edit

The International Council is a large alliance that encompasses almost every country on the continent of Valar. The only two countries on the Valarian continent that are not a part of the international council are Wrathmire, due to its current state of unrest with the ongoing civil war, and Ashwood, due to the country harboring top criminals.The Council holds regular meetings, where the leaders of each of the countries come together in order to talk political matters that encompass the continent.

Current Diplomatic Issues Edit

Current issues pertain to the threat from Ashwood, the pirate problem in Yuspar, the Wrathmirian civil war, as well as miscellaneous diplomatic issues. By far the current most contentious issue is the Wrathmirian Civil war, as the Council cannot come to an agreement on which side to aid. This stalemate within the council prevents it from providing aid to either side, causing the war to continue with no foreseeable conclusion.

The Coalition of Glistan Edit

The Coalition of Glistan (COG) is a large alliance of many of the countries on the continent of Glistan. The Coalition is made up of 8 countries. These 8 countries are: Alabasta, Dagara, Lejira, Entarai, Mangori, Mbori, Tababrin, and Haizm.

The Briejan Union Edit

The Briejan Union is an alliance of the six countries that lie on the Briejan Peninsula. This union creates close economic ties with the six countries in order to maintain economic and political stability within the countries. This union was founded because the six countries of the Briejan peninsula believe that they share cultural, historical, and colonial similarities.

History of The Union Edit

The countries share a cultural and historical connections, as they were all a part of the Briejan Empire, and ancient empire that sought to build wonders and accumulate vast wealth. These countries were all also previous colonies of other Glistanan nations, like Alabasta, Lejira, and Dagara, that wanted to acquire the rich mineral deposits on the peninsula.

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