Iostuoria is one of the richest countries in the world and is the location of the idyllic capital of Aarlen, the crystal city. Being one of the Free Cities of the Briejan Peninsula, Iostuoria was once a region of the powerful and ancient Briejan Empire. Iostuoria is currently an independent country ruled by Queen Arella Sundar, but was once a colony of Lejira. While now free, Iostuoria along with many of the other Briejan countries still harbor some resentment towards their colonizers. Iostuoria was known for its large deposits of rare gems and crystals, which Lejira made a habit of mining and taking during colonial times.

Geography Edit

Iostuoria has nearly the same geography has Subros, rock badlands with the occasional verdant plains. The rock badlands are rugged and slightly mountainous while the verdant plains are large and flat. Nearly all of the major cities are build in these rock badlands, as the plains are left fro agricultural production.

Cities Edit

The beautiful cities of Iostuoria float above the ground supported on large crystals. While the base of each city is made of crystals only the capital Aarlen has buildings made of crystal.

Aarlen Edit

Aarlen, the crystal city, is the capital of Iostuoria. It is a beautiful city with crystal battlements and buildings that glimmer in the sun.

History Edit

Culture Edit

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