Ishraya is the younger sister of Ishshara, constantly living in her sisters shadow motivated her to become more powerful in her own right. She is now the High Priestess of Lua, residing in the grand temple of Lua in Varasha.

Appearance Edit

Ishraya, like her sister Ishshara, has ink black skin and entirely white eyes. She wears the garb of a Vaneer High Priestess, white and black robes covered in jewels shaped like crescent moons.

History Edit

After growing up on the island of Selva with the rest of her family and attending the same school as her sister, Ishraya returned to the Ebony Isles to develop her enchantments.

Equipment Edit

She carries with her the staff of a high priestess of Lua, a long ornate ivory staff with a black crescent moon on top. Bells hang from the moon.

Abilities Edit

Enchantments Edit

Being the High Priestess of Lua, Ishraya knows many powerful enchantments. She is proficient at many enchantments, ranging from healing and protective enchantments to more offensive and trap typed enchantments. Although, like most Vaneer, Ishraya's enchantments are not suitable for combat due the time and preparation it takes to casts them.

Techniques Edit

  • Vaneer Enchant: Lua's Light - This Enchantment can be used to help heal wounds or provide healing effects to items by concentrating moonlight. The only drawback is that this enchantment needs to be used at night. It also requires four pillars (made from the special trees found in the Ebony Isles) to be placed in a square to create the enchantment boundaries. This enchantment site must be bathed in moonlight, and therefore must be in almost direct view of the moon unless some other way is found to bathe it in moonlight.
  • Moon Goddess Enchant: Song of Cleansing - This Enchantment takes an immense amount of time and power to prepare, as it is one of the strongest enchantments known. Ishraya is currently the only person that knows this enchantment, and it has the capabilities to destroy most of the Valar continent. This enchantment creates a very thin beam of white glowing energy that flows down on to the caster, slowly absorbing their power and life. As the caster's life is absorbed, the beam becomes wider and wider, absorbing everything in its path.
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