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Ivoria is the top arts academy in Entarai. The extremely prestigious academy is internationally recognized and many people from different countries apply to the academy every year. It should also be noted that the ability to manipulate energy is not a requirement for acceptance, though it is most common. Ivoria was founded roughly 350 years ago by 11 highly skilled and wealthy arts practitioners wanting to create a high level arts school in Entarai. They originally built the school on an island in the middle of lake Loa, a large lake that lies adjacent to Sii Shifuye. There is no singular dean of the school, it is instead largely administrated by the heads of each of the three disciplines.

Disciplines and Specifications[]

The academy accepts students that have completed secondary education and is a 3 year program. While all students take general classes for their first year, they begin to specify into a certain field in their 2nd year and by their third year they are considered masters of a specific subject and are often high class practitioners. All non-interdisciplinary specifications fall into 3 major disciplines: Environmental, Material, and Metaphysical.

Environmental Discipline[]

This discipline focuses on the study of the world and every living thing that inhabits it. This includes the study of plants, animals, and even humans. This extends to the study of exotic worlds or alternate planes of existence such as Ilador and Bagorum.

Material Discipline[]

This discipline focuses on the study of objects that hold power, This includes the study of energy items and weapons, ancient artifacts, and materials and minerals that have innate energy qualities such as godrium and fire rubies.

Metaphysical Discipline[]

This discipline focuses on the study of arts and techniques, in all their forms. This includes the study of ancient techniques, arts, and rituals; god, demon, and beast possessions; as well as archaic arts.

Known Specifications[]


  • Exotic Planes - The study of the environments of alternate planes such as Bagorum and Illador.


  • Golemancy - The study of golems and their creation.
  • Exotic Materials - The study of materials not originally from this plane of existence.


  • Demonology - The study of the inhabitants of Bagorum.
  • Ancient Rituals - The study of the practices ancient peoples used to harness energy.


Position Name Status
Division Head Ansoori Ansoonye Active
Position Name Status
Division Head Yidafa Okeera Active
Professor Doriyan Bonizala Active
Professor Tennin Vikera Banned
Division Head Hhrokin Bambalala Deceased
Position Name Status
Division Head Bayinika Nso Active
Former Position Name Former Division Current Position
Student Jeera Sixirkan Metaphysical Field Researcher
Student Enrukururembo Lanacocoro ? Works at Mangori Capital of Health