Jaseco is the current protector of Methos Gran, he is a powerful warrior that obtained great abilities from when he used to be a Sigil Hunter.

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Jaseco is in possession of powerful Sigils that he obtained when he was a Sigil Hunter in his youth. As a testament to his success, Jaseco is in possession of 4 different God Sigils, while most powerful Sigil Hunters only have 1 and rarely 2.

God Sigils

  • Mortal Replication Sigil: One of the two famed replication sigils, this God sigil can clone Jaseco. The tattoo appears as two triangles next to each other horizontally on his right wrist.
  • Inanimate Replication Sigil: One of the two famed replication Sigils, this God Sigil can duplicate any inanimate object. While an object can only be duplicated once, he can duplicate multiple objects simultaneously. The more magical power held within the object hes duplicating, the more magic it takes for him to duplicate it. The tattoo appears as two triangles next to each other vertically on his left wrist.
  • War God Arsenal Sigil: This sigil allows Jaseco to summon and manipulate the Blue Ornaments, a mythical set of weapons that was said to be crafted by a god. All of the weapons are completely blue, with various accessories on them, such as gold chains or black rings. There are hundreds of weapons in the arsenal, which help in various occasions. The tattoo is on his left hand and has the appearance of blue samurai armor covering his hand.
  • Catastrophic Mimicry Sigil: The sigil tattoo is located in the center of Jaseco's chest and resembles a geometric lance with a halo above it. Known as one of the 3 Great Sigils, this is Jaseco's most powerful sigil. Using this sigil causes Jaseco's eyes and sigil tattoo to glow bright white. While in this mode, Jaseco is able to utilize physical attacks that can generate the same amount of force as an atomic bomb.

Legend Sigils

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