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Jember used to be a lowly slave of Goren Vagri, kept by him due to the rarity of her species. Although she is extremely obedient and follows Goren's every command, she has never lost her longing for home.


Jember has grey eyes and a deep purple coat. She is of normal height and build for a female young adult of her species. She wears no clothing besides the silver bandages wrapped around her chest and a slave collar on her neck.

It is said that a deep sadness can be seen in her eyes.


She was bought by Goren Vagri at the age of 17 to be sold into the slave trade. Goren was mesmerized by her deep purple coat, a rare feather coloration among the Kura, and decided to keep her as his personal slave. She has stayed in his company ever since, and is even a part of his personal guard, though she is the only one of them which wears a slave collar.


Nano Blades[]

The silvery bandages on her chest secretly contain a large number of small energy blades called nano blades. The blades are able to cut with a power and strength despite their tiny size. Jember was trained to use these blades with deadly affect, throwing them at opponents to make quick and silent kills as well as stab her opponents without them noticing during close combat.


Cloud Art[]

An application of her air and water affinities, Jember is able to manipulate clouds, which she usually manifests as a dense fog. She utilizes mainly support techniques, prefering hand to hand combat, but she knows some offensive techniques as well. It is said that her deep sadness seeps through her energy into her techniques, and people touched by her art feel a deep sadness as well.

Master in Close Combat[]

Years of grueling labor as well as rigorous training has strengthened and hardened Jember's body as well as quickened her mind. She is a master in close combat and hasn't lost a close combat fight in many years.


  • Fog Body - A highly advanced use of fog manipulation, Jember can transform her body into fog, allowing her to move quickly as well allowing attacks to pass through her.
  • Obscurity - Jember sends a blast of her fog into the face of her opponents, the special fog makes it difficult for them to think clearly.
  • Wisp - Jember sends thin tendrils of her fog towards her opponent, attempting to skewer them, she usually uses this in conjunction with her close combat fighting. The thin wisps harden unexpectedly quickly, making it difficult for the opponent to track their movement or predict when to block.
  • Fog Cover - A simple technique where Jember fills an area with fog in for more stealthy situations.