Jester is the 1st of Rhazan's 12 Locks. He his unpredictable and quite possibly insane.

He is grouped with Arachnid, the 8th Lock, as they feel that they share similarities with their lack of morality and particularly cruel personalities.

Appearance Edit

Jester has the roman numeral I on his tongue, indicating that he is the first lock.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Happy and Saddy Edit

Jester has two large combat knives, Happy and Saddy, that he uses to attack is opponents. The special ability of these knives is that they can liquefy upon being stabbed into an opponent. The knives are made out of special metal that dampens magical power, weakening an opponent who's been stabbed if the knives get into their bloodstream.

Balloon Bombs Edit

Jester has a seemingly unlimited supply of small yellow balloons with sad faces on them. These balloons are able to detonate on his command.

Abilities Edit

Fire Manipulation Edit

Jester can manipulate fire with quite ease. He is often seen juggling fireballs for fun or using this ability to satiate his hunger for arson.

Illusions Edit

Jester is quite proficient in creating illusions. He typically uses them for menial tasks such as simulating a large forest or trying to disorient his opponents, but he is capable of creating much more powerful illusions that can harm people.

Techniques Edit

  • Times Up - Jester can mark an opponent with the seal of an analog clock which immediately starts ticking. When the clock hits midnight the seal catches on fire, burning his opponent.
  • Cats Cradle - Jester throws a volley of fire spears at an opponent, aiming to pierce multiple locations on their body. If the target is hit with multiple spears, a rope made of flames connects the spears. Jester then pulls on the ropes, contorting the target's body into cruel and unusual positions.
  • Herald of Darkness: He who Brings fourth the End of Times - A powerful illusion that Jester can create. The illusion takes the form of a massive demonic creature that is mostly cloaked in shadow. Once the creature is formed he begins to tear a hole in reality with his finger, grabbing whoever is subjected to this illusion and throwing them in. If the opponent isn't able to break the illusion before the end of the technique, they lose their mind.
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