Ji is an Iriqir that lived on Gran Cara, a massive arbor that roams Alabasta.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

When Ji was younger, his mother was killed by a demon possessed wanderer. Ever since, he has indiscriminately hated demons and once he was old enough, he left Gran Cara and joined the Banner of Huricus, a renowned faction of Demon Hunters.

Equipment Edit

Dissonance Bells Edit

Ji was able to acquire dissonance bells from the market in Baifal. The metal balls can be touched together to create powerful sound based attacks. He mainly uses these to disorient his opponent and lead them into traps.

Sutrum Daggers Edit

Ji is in possession of Sutrum Daggers, given to him during his training as a demon hunter. The daggers damage demons or those possessed by demons more than normal people.

Simple Pistol Edit

Ji also keeps a simple energy pistol on him to help in combat.

Abilities Edit

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