June is a High officer of Alabasta, and is known as "The Weaponsmith". He is in charge of military research.

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History Edit

Equipment Edit

Attaraxan Heart Edit

June was deemed worthy by Attarax, one of the Five Priests, and pieced his heart to be replaced by one made of clay.

Dragon Saber Edit

A weapon of June's creation, Dragon Saber is a large blade that can radiate enough heat to melt metal. The sword can also send slashes of flames.

Obsidian Arbalest Edit

A weapon of June's creation, Obsidian Arbalest is a scoped arbalest that fires black obsidian darts, the darts dampen the magic of whoever they hit.

Thunder God's Hand Edit

The Thunder God's Hand is a long black staff with a giant, steel, mechanical claw on the end. The claw is able to grip things with crushing strength and the staff can even extend the claw 20ft out. The inside of the staff has a long copper wire and electrical mechanism concealed within it, allowing the claw to shock the victims in it's grasp.

Heaven's War Spear Edit

A single barrel gatling gun, Heaven's War Spear can send high velocity rounds at incredible speeds, and has enough power to decimate an area and change the landscape. While powerful, the weapon can only hold 500 rounds in it at a given time before the magazine must be switched.

Abilities Edit

Flame Enhancer Edit

June is able to enhance his physical prowess using his fire affinity, making him a powerful adversary in close combat fighting. When in Flame Enhance his body seems to radiate large amounts of heat.

Lightning Enhancer Edit

June can use his lightning affinity to greatly increase his speed, making him move much faster than normal. When in Lightning Enhance his body seems to arc with electricity.

Master Weaponsmith Edit

June is extremely proficient at creating weapons, and takes great pride in his work. He creates a multitude of magical weapons as well as powerful war machines for use in the Alabastan military.

Techniques Edit

  • Lighting Enhancer: Hyper Rift - June is able to apply his lightning enhancer to his legs and feet, allowing him to move at extreme speeds. These speeds are so fast its difficult to see him or gauge which direction he went in.
  • Flame Enhancer: Radiation - June is able to radiate massive amounts of heat from his body using his flame enhancer, disrupting magical binding spells.
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