Kaneera is the current Matriarch of Marrow, and is of the Inari Clan. Kaneera is somewhat reclusive but extremely intelligent. She typically holds a policy of isolation for Marrow and doesn't like to interfere much with world politics. She rules fairly over Marrow and holds no prejudices against any of the clans, though she is somewhat reserved when it comes to humans, as she finds them arrogant and destructive.

Appearance Edit

Kaneera is a very tall, thin, lanky elf.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Wood and Plant Manipulation Edit

Kaneera is proficient in both wood and plant arts, more specialized arts that stem from the mix between her water and earth affinities. She has been know to combine these arts in order to spontaneously grow trees and even small forests.

Earth Manpulation Edit

Kaneera utilizes powerful yet intricate earth-based techniques, being able to shape rock into whatever she wants.

Techniques Edit

  • Spontaneous Tree Shelter - Kaneera is able to grow a large tree that is hollow inside to provide a quick wooden shelter, with bio-luminescent appendages creating lighting inside. The shelter is large enough to serve as battlefield medical housing during the Sirisian war, when Kaneera decided to head the medical efforts.
  • Treeroot Restoration - A powerful healing technique that Kaneera developed. Multiple tree roots evelop her target or their wound, healing them over time.
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