Kairya is from the wealthy Tomi family, who own a lavish estate on the mountain Eris.

Appearance Edit

Kariya wears her dark hair on a short bob that reaches her chin. She wears a white lieutenants coat with high brown boots.

Kariya later uses a robotic hand after the loss of her left hand during her fight with Arachnid in the sirisian war.

History Edit

The Tomi family is known for keeping a pure bloodline of proficient users of the Air affinity. When it was discovered that Kariya had an additional affinity she was told to forget that she had it and her fire affinity was sealed in a devil's pot. Her father kept the pot in a secure location in the home to prevent Kariya from breaking it and regaining her fire affinity. With the help of some of the servants in the Tomi estate, Kariya was able to drill a small hole into the bottom of the pot, "breaking" it while leaving it intact. She began training her fire manipulation in secret when she could get away from her father.

At a relatively young age, Kariya has become the second in command for the Saints Fleet. The Saints Fleet is the strongest fleet of skyships that Viridian owns.

Equipment Edit

San Edit

Kariya is currently in possession of San, one of the Six Blades of Aren that has been passed down in the Tomi family for generations. She ends up gifting it to Haruu Bastion after losing her left arm in the sirisian war, as she said she had no use for it.

Jet Glider Edit

Kariya is occasionally seen using a viridi jet glider to travel around. Her glider is all white with black wings and the logo of the saints fleet on it.

Goddrium Rifle Edit

Kariya carries a goddrium rifle with her.

Abilities Edit

Wind Manipulation Edit

Kariya is proficient in her use of the air affinity. She relies mainly on spatial-type techniques, as is common in House Tomi, combining her techniques with her combat prowess to deliver powerful attacks that has gained her renown in the country.

Fire Manipulation Edit

A secret that only a few people know, Kariya was born with the fire affinity as well. While she rarely uses her fire based abilities and they're somewhat unrefined, she is still proficient in their use due to diligent training. Her fire manipulation typically comes out when she's in a heightened emotional state of anger or sadness. Still indicative of House Tomi, Kariya mainly utilizes spatial techniques for her fire manipulation as well.

Techniques Edit

  • Propulsion - Kariya utilizes the wind and air around her to push herself forward. She can use this technique to fire herself at the enemy or increase the length and height of her jumps. While it seems as if it is an enhancer-type technique, it is actually a very high level spatial technique as she is utilizing all the air in the space around her. When she uses this technique you can see the small shockwave in a ring around her body from her manipulation of the area.
  • Shinseina - A technique taught to Kariya by her father, a long spear of wind shoots at the opponent from directly above them.
  • Crimson Slash - Kariya slices the air with San, sending a red energy slash towards her opponent.
  • Crimson Snare - Kariya creates a web of the red energy produced from San, trapping someone within an area.
  • Burning Rain - Kariya throws a ball of flame into the air that explodes and causes fire to rain from the sky in a small area.
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