Kekwa is one of the 7 Gates of Nemari, blessed with the flower Larkspur.

Appearance Edit

Kekwa has dark skin wears a long hooded cloak, that wraps and folds around his shoulders, as well as a face mask that covers the bottom half of his face, both of which are a deep navy blue. He wears a slate grey jumpsuit with cream stripes under his cloak with long sleeves and long pants. Kekwa also wears long navy blue socks that the legs of the jumpsuit are tucked into. He wears black slides.

History Edit

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Abilities Edit

Wind Manipulation Edit

Even though he was blessed with Larkspur, Kekwa was also born with the air affinity. Due to the difficulty of mastering this affinity, Kekwa never trained it much and focused on mastering Larkspur. The most that Kekwa can do is to use a slight breeze to raise Larkspur's pollen into the air, increasing the effectiveness of its abilities.

Larkspur Edit

Kekwa was blessed with the Gate Flower Larkspur. The flower allows him to manipulate purple grass that he can create with ease and use to attack and defend. He can also use the flowers' pollen to cause illusions.

Techniques Edit

  • Larkspur: Spring Field - Kekwa spreads his purple grass out from him radially, creating a large field. Larspurs are also hidden within the field and he uses his wind manipulation to raise the pollen into the air. If someone comes into contact with too much of the pollen they are trapped in his illusion, which takes the form of a large field of grass surrounded by mist. He is able to manipulate the illusion and does so by making fake copies of himself attack the opponent, waiting for the right time to make his real strike.
  • Larkspur: Spring Rain - The Unique ability of Larkspur. Kekwa creates multiple grass lanterns out of his purple grass that rise into the air and glow with a soft light. Within the lanterns are the spores of Larkspur, which he can rain down on opponents and catch them off guard. Kekwa has also used this in covert operations, creating a single lantern in order to silently catch guards in his illusions before they notice whats happening.
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