Koroco is a golem crated by the Sumeca Brothers in order to carry out assassinations. Koroco is the newest assassin out of the six.

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Light Absorption Art Edit

Koroco has a variation of the light affinity that allows him to absorb energy from sources of light and store that energy inside his body. The stronger the source of light the more energy he is able to absorb, but he has no control over his absorption rate.

Desolate Winds Manipulation Edit

Through the combination of his light absorption art and his wind art, Koroco is able to use the desolate winds art, a technique that allows for the vaporization of water at a near instant rate due to the high volume of energy packed into the wind techniques.

Techniques Edit

  • Desolate Wind Blade - This is Koroco's main technique where he creates the rough shape of a blade made from his desolate winds art. The blade doesn't cut, but passes through objects, vaporizing any water within them. This technique is incredibly effective for killing living creatures, but it all but useless otherwise.
  • Wind Grenade - Koroco charges with energy, which visibly arcs around his body. He then releases it, creating an explosion of his desolate winds art that vaporizes all of the water within a certain radius, where the radius depends on the amount of energy charged.
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