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The Koskain Interprovincial War, also called the Koskain Civil War or the War of the Barons, was a war for total countrol of the country. The war started as smaller conflicts, but quickly escalated to an all out war between most of the provinces.

The conflicts began when Heirgin, Baron of Alfenar, began enacting a plan to unify all of Koskain under his rule. He had been planning this unification for years and finally decided that he was ready. He marched on the province of Edrax, beginning the first conflict. The armies of Alfenar marched on the unsuspecting Edrax province and quickly moved towards the capital, though the advance slowed considerably once the Edrax armies were assembled. However, mainly Koskain squabbles eventually come down to the court wizards, and Ascith Cross, the court wizards of Alfenar, was far greater in power than the Edrax court wizard Bedri Tennin. Alfenar was able to invade Oflyn and overthrow Baron Lagond.

Taking advantage of the chaos in the south, the provinces of Othea and Beralla joined forces in order to invade Jeridor.