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The Kraken's Tooth Raiders are the most notorious pirate crew in Yuspar. They solidified their title as the top pirate gang when they captured the profitable city of Goldenport, a highly important city in the global trade network. One of the reasons for their recent glory is that mysteriously, they are extremely well equipped for what is supposed to be a normal pirate gang. Secretly, the Raiders have been funded and proxy-run by Alrah, one of the top three criminals in the Black World. She has funded their raids and gifted them high tech equipment, allowing them to become the powerful force that they are today. She now effectively runs the city of Goldenport from the shadows, cutting an illegal trade deal with Bellaxandor Mink and allowing him to ship his goods into the country.

The flag of the Kraken's Tooth Raiders is a skull and crossbones, like most pirates, except the skull has multiple tentacles coming from it, meant to be the tentacles of a Kraken.


The lucrative Yusparian port city has now become the pirate's home base. They control the entire city and, therefore, the trade that runs through it, allowing them to work out large smuggling operations.

The Sea Goddess[]

The head ship of the Raiders is called the Sea Goddess, a massive vessel that is incorporated with loads of technology such as state of the art tracking equipment, guided missiles, and weaponry.

Members of Kraken's Tooth Raiders
Name Status Position
Renwick Swail Active Captain
Birch Albatross Active Crew