The Kura are a race of raven-like peoples that live exclusively in the Dejala canyon in Lejira. They are a tribal people that maintain little contact with the modern world.

Appearance Edit

Kura concept

The Kura people

The Kura very much look like ravens that have adopted humanoid forms. They maintain their beaks and talons, but have more human-like hands and elf-ears. They have feathers covering various parts of their bodies including their shoulders and heads, but other parts are covered in soft, velvety skin. One major feature is their large tail feathers, which they maintain to be pristine at all times. The Kura vary in color from black to dark grey, with various rare occasions of dark purple coloring.

Albinism is possible within the Kura, and more common within their population than in humans, so there are a few Kura in each generation that are white. These people are called the Biruki and are seen as marked by their goddess and are trained to become shamans.

They typically wear minimal clothing, as they see no need for it. If they do wear clothing, they will typically wear light pants or a scarf.

Religion Edit

The Kura still maintain their tribal religion, in which they worship the goddess Tikuri Laba or "black wings". She is seen as the mother of all Kura and is their only deity. She is the guardian of the Dejala Canyon and watches over Kura lands, protecting them from outside intrusion.

Black Tar Edit

One major threat to the Kura is being kidnapped and sold into the black market as slaves or for the use of black tar production. Black tar can only be made using the Biruki, or the albino Kura. They are held in captivity and made to swallow small shards of fire rubies, the rubies react with the hosts' energy and creates a thick black liquid which they then vomit up. This thick black liquid is referred to as black tar, and if drunk can provide a powerful (yet temporary) boost to the consumer's arts. The tar not only wreaks havoc on the Biruki's body, causing them to slowly loose their life, but also on the consumers body, causing an addiction to the drink and an eventual necessity, where they would die without it. Those who become addicted to black tar and drink it often are called black lips, as the drug stains their lips an opaque black.

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