Kygen Arvender is the current King of Dagara.

Appearance Edit

Kygen is an older man with very short brown hair and blue eyes and a short beard as well. He is tall and has a strong stature.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Jewel of Hydum Edit

Kygen possesses a jewel from Hydrum, one of the five priests. He developed a special technique by utilizing his art in conjunction with the jewel.

Abilities Edit

Wind Manipulation Edit

Kygen is a master of his wind affinity. He can use multiple abilities, but is best known for his use of knives made from concentrated wind magic.

Light Manipulation Edit

Kygen is a proficient user of his light affinity. He mainly uses it in conjunction with his wind affinity, applying a shining blinding affect to it.

Techniques Edit

  • Shining Wind Cutter - Kygen is able to create daggers made out of his wind and light affinities. These daggers travel extremely fast and shine brightly, blinding the enemy.
  • Infinite Shining Wind Cutter - Kygen is able to create a massive amount of these knives, appearing infinite. While he usually shoots them from his hand, he can create them from any point of his body, allowing him to shoot in all directions.
  • Thousand Winds Blade - This technique creates a rough blade out of his wind and light affinities. The blade can act as a melee weapon, but can also become a source for Kygen's Shining Wind Cutters. Since the wind cutters are being create from a condensed magical source, they travel much faster and are created with even more speed than if he was creating them from his body.
  • That Which Exists - This is a technique that Kygen was able to develop by using the jewel bestowed to him by Hydrum. He creates an ornate arm armor made out of his art and touches the forehead of the target. This allows him to understand their true intentions and gain some information about that person. His technique does not provide a clear image or full knowledge, but is still very effective.
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