Lalo Springs is a member of the COG Peacekeeping Force and is partners with Jacc Nero.

Appearance Edit

Lalo has long black hair and brown eyes. She wears black short shorts and a simple beige t shirt under her COG jacket, which she wears open. She also wears tall black boots.

History Edit

Lalo is from a small elf community on the island of Aurum in the Iris Islands. While travelling to the Phlegathon Oasis in Alabasta, Lalo witnessed someone trying to take an aristocratic family hostage. She was able to fight off the criminals and aid Jacc Nero in capturing them. He then offered her a position in COG.

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Paper Manipulation Edit

Lalo can mix her affinities of earth, water and air to create paper. Her techniques have a wide range of uses, but she typically manifests them in the form of paper butterflies. She can use the butterflies for combat as well as no combat tasks such as delivering messages.

Techniques Edit

  • Origami Butterfly - Lalo is able to create butterflies out of folded paper.
    • Origami Butterfly: Needles - Mid-flight, the butterflies are able to re-fold into sharp paper needles that fire at extremely fast speeds.
  • Chartam Defense - Lalo is able to quickly raise a wall made out of paper that is proven to be quite sturdy against magical attacks. She can also open holes in the wall for counter-attacks.
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