Lammerus is part of the Saints Guard in Cathedral, Viridian. He is next in line to be head of the noble house Sono.

Appearance Edit

Lammerus wears the black pants and shirt of the saints guard armor, with the armored shoes and shins. He wears a collard long grey white and silver coat that reaches to his knees. His black hair is mostly short and spiky, with a long ponytail and two long pieces falling to his side.

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Abilities Edit

Sound Manipulation Edit

As a member of house Sono, Lammerus is a proficient user of sound manipulation. He is able to create powerful attacks as well as disorienting noises.

Body Modification: Voxefera Edit

Lammerus has undergone the body modification Voxefera, a body modification technique kept secret in the Sono house that amplifies a users sound abilities. The modification allows the user to generate a substance that amplifies sound waves, creating devastating attacks if trained correctly. Lammerus' Voxefera takes the shape of white pillars with black lines in them.

Techniques Edit

  • Sonance Palm - Lammerus strikes his opponents with an open palm, releasing sound waves into their body and causing internal as well as external damage.
  • Dextera Pillars - Small pillars rise from the back of Lammerus' hands, enhancing the damage of his physical attacks. he typically always keeps this technique active in a fight.
  • Massive Dissonance - While using dexera pillars, Lammerus drives his hands into the ground, causing large Voxefera pillars to rise around him, they emit a shock-wave of sound that can shatter glass and pop eardrums. He must be careful when using this techinque, as it affects his allies as well.
  • Resonance Beam - Lammerus can fire a beam of concentrated sound at his opponents.
  • Tone Deaf - Lammerus can place a Voxefera Pillar on the back of an opponents head. If he succeeds, the opponent cannot hear anything except for a high pitced tinny sound. This makes it difficult for the opponent to fight as they cannot hear where Lammerus is.
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