Lasra is a top criminal in Methos Gran. He is known for his unique ability of stealing the Sigils of others off of their bodies.

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Lasra has a vast collection of Sigils that he is able to use. All of his Sigil tattoos are located on his arm, and he has so many that he has a fully inked sleeve. Most of his Sigils are fire based.

God Sigils

  • Heretic's Sigil: This God Sigil is the one that Lasra is known for the most. It allows him to remove a Sigil from another person by pulling the Sigil trinket out of their body. He can also use this ability to pull out a heart trinket, which is essentially the source of their power, killing the victim in the process. When he uses this Sigil, an eye slashed by a vertical line illuminates on his pitch black sleeve.
  • Xiuh Sigil: (Pronounced Zi-oh) This God Sigil creates a great snake of blue flames. The snake is massive and can be commanded to attack or defend. The Sigil appears on his arm as a geometric snake with three triangles at the end of its tail.

Legend Sigils

  • Scorcher Sigil: This Sigil allows Lasra to set vast areas on fire with the simple move of his hand. A great ball of fire placed in a hollow triangle appears on his arm when it is in use.
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