Astal is the current Legion of the Gallium Front, High General Raliod's personal core. He is a determined fighter and follows the same virtues as Raliod that success is gained from hard work.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Astal had wanted to be in the military since he was a small child, and would train every day in order to get better. He was never very good at manipulating metal, though he could accomplish rudimentary techniques. He had always trained his body and became and advanced fighter to make up for his lack of metal manipulation.

One day, a meteor crashed into the plains outside of the cities and he went to go see what happened. He found that the meteoric metal was easier for him to manipulate than normal metal and eventually became extremely proficient in its use. When he finally applied for the military he was excepted after his first evaluation and steadily rose in rank due to his sheer determination and hard effort.

Equipment Edit

Meteor Rings Edit

Astal has various dark metal rings all over his body (Arms, legs, neck) that he uses as a source of his techniques.

Abilities Edit

Meteoric Metal Manipulation Edit

Astal is adept at manipulating the meteor that his rings are made of into various weapons and tools. The meteoric metal is easier to transform, allowing him to accomplish feats such as creating keys to locks. The metal is also strong enough for him to form weapons from it. Due to the limited quantity of metal that Astal has to use, he doesn't really know many techniques that require large quantities.

Techniques Edit

  • Meteor Blade - Astal creates a blade out of the meteor ring on his arm and uses it to fight, he can manipulate the edge of the blade to be extremely sharp which allows it to cut through most objects.
  • Metallic Cipher - Astal forms his meteor rings into a large triangle in front of him, and by flowing his magic through it the triangle begins to resonate. A large pulse of magical energy is then shot in the direction that the triangle is facing. This is seemingly only possible due to the exotic composition of the meteoric metal that Astal uses.
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