Modric is the current Legion of the Black Crows, High General Sarrow's personal core. Modric is completely devoted to Sarrow, as he looks up to the high general for helping him control his abilities.

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History Edit

When Modric was younger, his parents brought him into the Iron Cities looking for a cure for what they believe to be a devastating and unknown disease. Parts of Modrics body would transform into metal, causing extreme pain. No doctors within the country understood the affliction nor did they know how to cure it. When word got around of the disease, the three generals finally heard of it. Sarrow, seeing the potential in Modric's abilities, decided to begin to groom Modric to become his next Legion. He trained Modric to raise his pain tolerance and to control his abilities, becoming a powerful fighter and skilled in his technique. Modric looks up to Sarrow, as he believes that Sarrow saved his life.

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Metal Manipulation Edit

Like much of the military in the Iron Cities, Modric has the ability to manipulate metal.

Bio-ferrous Manipulations Edit

In a unique fusion of the earth and potential affinities, Modric has an interesting and rare ability to create bio-ferrous constructs, that is, his ability melds biological systems with metal. This strange technique allows him to complete such feats at to sprout metallic wings or transform his eye to a more bionic organism (which allows him to collect a myriad of data and detect frequencies throughout the electromagnetic spectrum, not just visible light). He can also change his skin to a metal, a powerful ability useful for close combat fighting. While more difficult to do, Modric can also create bio-ferrous systems such as black crows that can be used for surveillance or poisonous flowers that can be used as traps.

Metallic Skeleton Edit

Modric has gone under a similar body modification technique as Sarrow in order to enhance his battle prowess. He has had all of the bones in his body coated in a special metallic alloy that allows him to take advantage of his unique technique. This allows him easier control over the bones in his body, allowing him to transform them into whatever he needs.

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